Simple practices to safeguard your oral health!

Your smile is what attracts people’s attention towards you. Wouldn’t you want it to be a healthy and radiant one? The best way to keep your smile attractive is by ensuring regular dental check-ups. Keep your enamel bright and clean with regular checkups done at a good dental clinic and add some healthy dental practices in your daily routine. There are some easy habits, implementation of which will prove to be beneficial in the long run. The old age will not come with losing every single tooth in the mouth. Infections will not pester you, and cavities will not know the way to your mouth.


In a battle against germs and infections, the first thing you need is an efficient weapon to fight with the germs, and that is your tooth brush. People often pick any toothbrush which they see first. What they don’t realize is the fact that the bristles of a brush and its design play an important role in the cleaning process of their mouth. In fact, there are specific movements which should be done with a brush to clean your teeth from all the sides. Food left between your teeth can give birth to infections. The composition of a toothpaste too needs attention. Consult your dentist and know which toothpaste will work best for you.
Many people cringe at the idea of flossing because of the amount of time it takes. But it is important to floss every night as it will ensure the removal of the food particles which escape the former cleaning procedure. Remaining food particles can corrode the enamel of your teeth.
You can add good mouthwash liquids to your shelf as well. They will help fight with bacteria and also retain the freshness in the mouth for a longer period of time. Gargle to clear out the dirt that accumulates while eating. Gargling is good not only for the mouth, but your throat as well. Keep visiting your dentist from time to time to maintain good oral hygiene. There are numerous good dentists in Coral Springs to preserve your pearly-whites.

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"Since I started visiting this office, for the first time in my life, I followed through with all of the dental work I needed. From cleaning, to taking care of a few cavities, sensitivity treatment, a new fitted crown that doesn't even feel is there, and whitening... I tell you I did it all. Before, my biggest limitations to get it all done was lack of time and money. Since this office not only works on a few Saturdays, but also worked with my work schedule, even my lunch time, it allowed me the time to get it all done. They worked with my insurance, since I was all concerned about how much money I would spend. No problem there either. The quality of the work, the time the dentist gave us in EVERY visit, and the staff made us loyal patients. No more changing from one office to another. My husband, my five year-old, and my self all switched our dental records here. It just works for us in every sense."


"Im very happy with my kids teeth after taking off the braces. They look all white and perfect now. Thank you DrAnand."


"Dr. Anand may be new to her new location but she has been in Coral Springs for a long time. I have had a bone graft with gum surgery as well as a crown replacement. Everything worked our great with no problems and no pain. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a very good dentist."


"The staff there was very friendly and courteous. Very pleasant atmosphere you feel welcome."


"I found the entire staff to be friendly and professional and will let Coral Springs Smiles take care of all my family's dental needs."

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