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Dental emergencies are known for being unexpected and unplanned but that does not mean that you should have to wait in agony and pain until your dentist office opens the next morning before finding any relief. Located in Coral Springs, FL, Coral Springs Smiles is able to provide care for any and all dental emergencies that arise no matter what time of day or night it might be at an affordable cost whether you are a current patient or new to the office. Their professional dentists are experienced at handling situations at all levels from a broken crown, split lip or a cracked tooth and they can do so in a timely manner to limit the risk of infection or worsening of the issue.

The last thing you want to think about when you are suffering with a severe toothache is how many hours you have left before the dentist office opens so it is always prudent to have your emergency dentist number readily at hand. At Coral Springs Smiles, our staff is ready to assist to ensure that every patient has all the information and phone numbers they need to contact the emergency dentists on call as soon as possible. The response is immediate so that both the patient and the dentist can put together a plan that will solve the dental emergency and give you the referral you need.

Coral Springs, FL, hosts a list of the best emergency dentists but when you want to have someone that you know you can rely on for the entire family then you need to work with the staff at Coral Springs Smiles. Your teeth play an important part in the overall look of your smile and facial expressions so taking care of them should be a top priority whether it is for routine cleanings or emergencies that you never planned for. Let the best experts in the business take care of you and make your smile a healthier part of your personality!

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Our Happy Patients

"Since I started visiting this office, for the first time in my life, I followed through with all of the dental work I needed. From cleaning, to taking care of a few cavities, sensitivity treatment, a new fitted crown that doesn't even feel is there, and whitening... I tell you I did it all. Before, my biggest limitations to get it all done was lack of time and money. Since this office not only works on a few Saturdays, but also worked with my work schedule, even my lunch time, it allowed me the time to get it all done. They worked with my insurance, since I was all concerned about how much money I would spend. No problem there either. The quality of the work, the time the dentist gave us in EVERY visit, and the staff made us loyal patients. No more changing from one office to another. My husband, my five year-old, and my self all switched our dental records here. It just works for us in every sense."


"Im very happy with my kids teeth after taking off the braces. They look all white and perfect now. Thank you DrAnand."


"Dr. Anand may be new to her new location but she has been in Coral Springs for a long time. I have had a bone graft with gum surgery as well as a crown replacement. Everything worked our great with no problems and no pain. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a very good dentist."


"The staff there was very friendly and courteous. Very pleasant atmosphere you feel welcome."


"I found the entire staff to be friendly and professional and will let Coral Springs Smiles take care of all my family's dental needs."

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