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Dental Services Administrator in Coral Springs Fl- Bachelor Dentist or Dental Surgeon, 24 months experience. Conduct and administer fiscal operations, including accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures. Responsible for quality control of materials in the laboratory (prothesis, crowns, etc.) Oversee communication between staff, patients and dentists. Must have knowledge of dental clinic operations.
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Understanding the issues with root canal treatment in Coral Springs

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment fails at times. The frontier reason for endodontic failure is that infection persists. It is also a fact that many a time the issues of failing root canal therapy are the same as those which called for root canal treatment in the first place. These could be tenderness or sensitivity to percussion and/or pain. Sometimes, there is swelling as well. It may even be that the tooth or a boil near the tooth has some odor stemming from it. At times, it even happens that these symptoms stay on or may disappear and then again reappear. The severity of the infection may reduce and then come back again.



Coral Springs Dentist | Make Flossing a 2017 Resolution

As we welcome 2017, the biggest task we encourage our patients at Coral Springs Smiles to add to their new year’s resolution is daily flossing.


One easy way to accomplish this is creating a place in your shower for your floss. Actually the shower is the best place to floss quickly without worrying about creating a mess.  

Another tip is to create a nightly reminder on your smartphone. Create the reminder for a time when you are usually getting ready for bed. As hectic as our days may be, the time we get ready for sleep is generally always the same.


How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly in 6 Easy Steps

You probably know that you should get a cleaning from your dentist every 6 months – but did you know the reasons for it?

One of the biggest is that most people simply don’t know how to brush their teeth correctly, meaning they never get rid of most of the plaque they get.

This is bad news, because dental cleanings or not, it’s best to keep your mouth clean from food particles and the bacteria that “digest” them – and in this article, we’ll help you do just that with 6 easy steps to brushing your teeth the right way.


Our Happy Patients

"Since I started visiting this office, for the first time in my life, I followed through with all of the dental work I needed. From cleaning, to taking care of a few cavities, sensitivity treatment, a new fitted crown that doesn't even feel is there, and whitening... I tell you I did it all. Before, my biggest limitations to get it all done was lack of time and money. Since this office not only works on a few Saturdays, but also worked with my work schedule, even my lunch time, it allowed me the time to get it all done. They worked with my insurance, since I was all concerned about how much money I would spend. No problem there either. The quality of the work, the time the dentist gave us in EVERY visit, and the staff made us loyal patients. No more changing from one office to another. My husband, my five year-old, and my self all switched our dental records here. It just works for us in every sense."


"Im very happy with my kids teeth after taking off the braces. They look all white and perfect now. Thank you DrAnand."


"Dr. Anand may be new to her new location but she has been in Coral Springs for a long time. I have had a bone graft with gum surgery as well as a crown replacement. Everything worked our great with no problems and no pain. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a very good dentist."


"The staff there was very friendly and courteous. Very pleasant atmosphere you feel welcome."


"I found the entire staff to be friendly and professional and will let Coral Springs Smiles take care of all my family's dental needs."

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