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PIPS Laser Root Canal Treatment

Coral Springs Smiles offers the most advanced laser root canal treatment to effectively clean, disinfect and seal the root canal system with a high degree of success. Dr. Payal Anand, DDS and her staff of Coral Springs dentists are committed to using the latest and with a combination of affordable and innovative techniques in laser dentistry to maximize your tooth life post root canal treatment. PIPS is one of the hottest trends in Root Canal Therapy. Coral Springs Smiles is offering irresistibly low cost laser root canal therapy to enable patients to have their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming (PIPS) Laser Root Canal Treatment

Many patients develop unnecessary fear and anxiety that root canal treatments can cause pain or develop other health problems. PIPS offers the first real breakthrough features in endodontics harnessing the cutting-edge photoacoustic streaming endodontic applications. PIPS laser root canal is a safe and effective procedure for maximum debridement and disinfection of the entire root canal system while preventing the removal of your tooth structure that has suffered severe damage or infection. PIPS is a successful endodontic treatment that can clean, shape and enlarge the infected root canal system to maximally eliminate microbes. Unlike other laser-activated irrigant methods, PIPS technique reduces the thermal damage due to its streaming of fluids into the canal system. PIPS system is less technique-sensitive, minimally invasive and time-reducing method delivering a much more positive patient experience.

Benefits of PIPS for patients

  • Greater precision with PIPS laser treatment reduces the amount of surgery normally required.
  • The entire root canal system is more effectively cleaned and debrided than with a small number of traditional instruments, minimizing disinfection.
  • PIPS is a less invasive procedure that preserves much more tooth endoskeleton than traditional instrument techniques while achieving more post-restoration strength of the tooth root.
  • Laser energy at sub-ablative power levels minimizes the risks of thermal damage, ledging and demineralization inherent to other laser root canal treatment procedures.
  • Since the laser tip is only placed into the coronal 1/3 of the canal, there is no risk of tip breakage from distally curved root structure or apically extruded debris of chemical irritants possible with different preparation systems.
  • Less time consumption in filing and soaking for chemical agents saves 20-30 minutes per treatment for patient and clinician.
  • Faster and more successful recovery for patients

How do we do a PIPS root canal therapy?

Coral Springs Smiles harnesses the next generation of laser enhanced endodontics for cleaning and debriding the root canal system. Laser energy is effectively used to create rapid and powerful non-ablative photoacoustic shockwaves across the root canal system to quickly remove microbes and organic tissue remnants. We harness the most modern PIPS laser root canal treatment resulting in positive experiences and faster healing process. Our Endodontists are super efficient and precise. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of PIPS laser-assisted root canal treatment, please call us at (954) 715-6840 and schedule an appointment with our experienced root canal specialists in Coral Springs, Florida.

Pips root canal therapy

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